Compassionate Care Movement ™

Compassionate Care Movement ™

Our mission is to promote and improve compassionate healthcare through appreciating care providers.

We keep it positive

Carefinder provides you with a tool to search for and choose healthcare providers.
View patients' personal and heartfelt accounts written about a provider to help you identify the most compassionate healthcare professionals in your area. 

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At Wambi, we are on a mission to bring compassion to the forefront of human experience. We believe that the key to infusing empathy and kindness into every care experience lies with recognizing and engaging caregivers, driven by patient feedback.

Wambi launched its affiliate organization, Carepostcard and the Compassionate Care Movement ™ in July, 2017 as a public way to promote compassion in healthcare. Through creating a positive giving circle where patients, families, and providers can share and receive gratitude, we will foster a more grateful community and better patient experiences for all.